The links below connect to websites on the internet.  Click on a link to connect to the site.  (An excellent book for anyone trying to make the world a better place in the future.  Beautiful graphics and interactive charts along with archived news and video that is just a touch away.  Classroom DESIDERATA!)     (This is the homepage of the Arcosanti project.  You can also click on the following URL to see  SOLARE - THE LEAN LINEAR CITY ).

Carfree Cities   (Car free city happenings around the world)    (This site shows various schemes for high rise urban farming structures).    (An online magazine about urban design).   Super Trains: Plans to Fix U.S. Rail Could End Road & Sky Gridlock   (How maglev monorails work)    (New Mexico Rails, Inc., A non profit volunteer group whose mission is to bring passenger rail service back to New Mexico.)  (Earth Day Coalition)   (American Solar Energy Society) (Worldwatch Institute)  (Forecast Earth)    (Union of Concerned Scientists --How Biomass Works)   (Cogeneration)   (Coalition For Clean, Affordable, Energy) Wind Energy Association)     (This is the DOE site for information about geothermal energy)     (A listing of car-free cities around the world posted on Wikipedia from information uploaded from the Car Free Cities website.)

We may be seeing ever more need for disaster relief for large populations in the future.  Many people have been made suddenly homeless by natural disasters and human caused problems.  Tower Towns can be a way of helping people made homeless have a place to live.


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